Student Vote


We have joined the enthusiastic group of teachers and students throughout British Columbia in a very important civic education exercise. We have brought Student vote in our school for the 2018 local government elections. It is an effort of democratic engagement of students in their community and society.


Student Vote turns the general election into an authentic learning opportunity and helps foster the development of 21st-century competencies. It allows students to feel that their voice matters and helps them appreciate they are part of something larger than their school.


Student Vote will take place on Thursday, October 18, 2018. The students of Grade 5 and 6 will participate in the voting. We are going to submit our election results to the CIVIX team. Student vote is the flagship program of CIVIX – a non-partisan registered Canadian Charity, funded by The Government of Canada.


Although the Student vote results do not count towards the general election tallies, the results are shared through the media.


In our school we are taking up the project in three steps:
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1.  Information and publicity: The students are preparing presentations, posters and organizing discussions to share the detailed information about the local government, the local elections and the candidates.


2. Preparation and Voting: We will have student teams on the voting day taking up the roles of voting clerks, voting officers, and voting supervisors. They will be empowered to take on the roles and responsibilities of coordinating the Student Vote Program for the school.


3. Counting and media coverage.

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