2017 DPS Heritage Fair Level 1 winners! On to the Regionals!


The 2017 DPS Heritage Fair, which involved Grade 5 – 7 students, was held on March 28th.  Students presented a wide range of topics, including the Underground Railroad, CN Tower, Canadian Mint , and Greatest Moments in Canadian Hockey.  In all, 7 students were selected to represent Dasmesh Punjabi School at the Fraser Valley Regional Heritage Fair in Mayimg_3352.
Puneet Khakh (Gr. 5-2), Harjas Birdi (Gr. 5-2), Armaan Khatra (Gr. 5-3), Kiratpal Dhoot (Gr. 6-1), Sukhleen Johal (Gr. 6-2), Sukhveer Buttar (Gr. 6-2), and Avnoor Sidhu (Gr. 7-2) will have the opportunity to advance to the provincials, if they receive honours at the regional competition.
Thank you to all of the teachers who mentored their students and judged the heritage fair projects.  Your support was integral to the success of the DPS Heritage Fair.