Student Release Procedure

In case of an incident at the school, for the sake of children and staff’s safety and wellbeing, it may be required to release students to parents/guardians from the school premises to an alternate location for release.  

The school will communicate with parents/ guardians on information regarding picking up their child(ren)  via the telephone system, school emails, school website (, and school social media.  Do not trust or share unofficial information.  Follow guidelines as given by the school authority only.

  • If the situation allows, students will be released from the school and/or outdoor evacuation area.
  • If students need to be removed from the school grounds, here are the options:
  • Alternative Location 1: KHALSA DIWAN SOCIETY, Abbotsford. 33094 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2A8 (49.05045612203701, -122.3067382355332) 
  • When Alternative Location 1 is not possible, Alternative Location 2 will be: MISSION SIKH TEMPLE 32086 Rai Ave, Mission, BC V2V 1A4 (49.131671201414804, -122.33455508021962)

Please remember that your child(ren) will only be released to an “authorized adult”, as specified on your “Student Identification Emergency Release Form”, which you will submit at the beginning of each school year.  

Note: Students will be taken to the above location via school buses. Parents do not come to school.