Collaborative Learning

Here at Dasmesh Punjabi School, we believe in team effort, and hence, our teachers, staff and students work together for achieving unmatchable academic results, and thus inculcating the habit of team work and collaborative effort right from the beginning. We frequently update to the latest teaching methodologies and according to the latest Guildlines for 2016, we would proudly be offering Project based learning through our interactive classrooms, whereby web based reading and learning programs would be included in the syllabi.

We also believe in Learning by doing and organize various Field trips regularly. Another factor that makes our school unique on the Academic Front is that we are a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school, where students start at Kindergarten as toddlers and graduate from Grade 12 as young adults, essentially becoming a second home for our students who spend 13 years at this institution. As a result, the bonds & friendships they form with their peers become cemented for life.


Right from Kindergarten to Grade 12, we follow Regular BC Ministry of Education Syllabus and are students are awarded the Dogwood Diploma upon successful completion of Grade 12.


Grades 8-12

Dasmesh Punjabi Science Department offers general science courses for all intermediate grades taught according to the BC Ministry of Education Science curriculum. Our Department takes pride involving students in extracurricular science related activities and have been selected for Canada- wide Science Fairs and competitions like the Salmon Enhancement Program and Yale Secondary Science Olympics. Grade 10 students continue to maintain strong Provincial Exam results.


Grades 1-12

At Dasmesh Punjabi School, our students have access to the latest technology to enhance their learning experience. We use innovative programs such as Robotics, Coding and 3D Modelling to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our ICT programs integrate technology into other subject areas and allow the students to learn through design and exploration.

Our students from Grade 7 onwards use Chromebooks to complete a variety of tasks. We emphasize the safe and responsible use of technology and run a Digital Literacy Program customized for various grade levels.

Punjabi & Sikh Studies

Grades K-12

Dasmesh Punjabi School is the first Indo-Canadian school in the Fraser Valley that gives the opportunity to learn moral and cultural values, right from Kindergarten. Heritage Studies is a vital component of our School curriculum. DPS students have been able to enjoy the unique privilege of Guru Granth Sahib every morning. Our students are supported with their moral and spiritual growth according to the teachings of Sikhism. Our goal is to develop human goodness, mutual respect, love, compassion and service of humanity in out students’ minds.

We aim for a well-balanced educational institution which gives emphasis to our students’ heritage language and Sikh Studies as additional subjects to those that the B.C. Ministry of Education prescribes. We follow the Ministry-mandated curriculum for Grades 5 to 12 and the department-developed one for Kindergarten to Grade 4. Our students are able, by the end of Grade 10, to write the Grade 12 Punjabi Exam. This satisfies the graduation requirement for a second language. There has been a consistent pass rate of 100% every year, and our school is justifiably proud of this record With Waheguru’s Blessings, DPS students are fulfilling the mission and vision of its founders.

Music & Dance

Grades K-12

Music & Dance are not only a form of art, but essential components of any culture. Punjabi Music & Dance are known worldwide for their high energy levels and great enthusiasm with which they are performed. On the spiritual side, Music is something that helps us meditate & connect to God to receive inner peace and strength. This is precisely the reason that motivates us to offer our unique Punjabi Music & Dance program for all grades starting from Kindergarten.

We teach our students Classical Punjabi Music, making them professionals in playing instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Dhol and others. In conjunction to the Sikh Studies Program, our students also learn how to do Paath, perform Kirtan and learn Ardaas.


Grades K-7

The physical development is equally important as the intellectual and mental development of any child, and thus we lay equal emphasis on sports and physical education. Our school has a large gymnasium facility and large playgrounds for students to learn and develop their interests in a variety of sports. We offer coaching in a variety of sports including basketball, volleyball, soccer and others.


Grades K-7

As it is common language that the best time to learn a language is childhood, here at Dasmesh our students start learning the French Language, which is also the second official language of Canada, right from Kindergarten, hence mastering the language by the time they reach Grade 7. The Core French language program at Dasmesh Punjabi School is an introductory course for students from Kindergarten through to Grade 7 taught using a mix of classroom instruction and technology.

We have a dedicated French Lab and use Rosetta Stone French Software for instruction. The course is designed internally by the French teacher and is based on the Canadian French (non-immersion) curriculum. The Grade 5 to 7 French course follows the BC Ministry of Education curriculum guide.