If you are not currently a student at Dasmesh School and would like to apply for admission, please click on the link below and complete the Admissions Inquiry Form.

About Dasmesh School

Dasmesh Punjabi School is looking for students who abide by our school principles and are willing to work had to become not only good students, but better citizens. Even though our school is a Sikh faith based school, we welcome students from all religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Since we are a K-12 School, our registrations start right from Kindergarten. However, students from other schools who are interested in studying at Dasmesh Punjabi School are also welcome to apply and take a transfer for any grade level.

Domestic Students

Domestica student registrations begin during the first week of January, starting with Kindergarten and onwards.

International Students

Dasmesh Punjabi Schools offers the opportunity to international students from all over the world to study at our School.

Transfer Students

Students who are interested in learning about Sikh religion and Punjabi culture are welcome to apply for transfer to our school.

Parent Support Group

Any parent of a currently registered student is automatically a voting member of the Parent Support Group.

Domestic Students

Domestic Students

Our Registrations start in the 1st week of January, typically commencing with Kindergarten registration followed by higher level grades.

Re-Registration for Existing Students Grade 1 – 12

Re-Registration for existing students for Grades 1 to 12 registration will start put date here. Parents can drop by the office and collect the re-registration package and submit it once complete with all the documentation required.

Kindergarten Students

Registration for Kindergarten

Kindergarten registration starts every year in the month of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Birthday. Please remember that registration is on a first come first serve basis. If you fail to register your child on time and all seats are filled, the school may not be able to accommodate your child.

Please bring with you:

  • Proof of Residence Address
  • Your child’s Birth Certificate & Care Card
  • Both parents’ Citizenship Cards/PR Card/Immigrant Visas if single parent-legal document of separation.
  • Registration Forms (are available from the school office).

For further information call 604-826-1666.

Transfer Students

New Registration for Transfer Students

We also accept and grant admission to students from other schools to take a transfer to our school. The students that we look for are those who are interested in learning about Sikh religion and Punjabi culture, possess a clean disciplinary background and the most important of all, are committed to make a difference in the society. New students can register at the school office by completing the registration package along with providing supporting documents like past report cards for academic performance history and letters of recommendation.

International Students

Dasmesh Punjabi Schools offers the opportunity to International students from all over the world to apply and study at our School.

We are accepting applications for those interested international students only for K- 9 so as to facilitate a smooth transition into the Canadian School Education System and result in better academic performance for the students. Since our required admissions criteria differ from region to region, for specific information regarding the International Student’s Admission requirements, please send an email to the International Student Coordinator at