Parent Support Group

PAC Executive Members – 2023-2024:
  • President – Navneet K Mahal
  • Vice President – Raminder K Mand
  • Treasurer – Hardip K Maan
  • Secretary – Rajwinder K Randhawa
  • Assistant Secretary- Harpreet K Mandair
  • Assistant Treasurer- Kamaldeep K Maan
What is the PAC?

The Parent Advisory Council at Dasmesh Punjabi School, as the name suggests, is an advocacy group formed and run by parents of our current students to discuss various potential issues that parents & student might face at school and provide solutions for the same through active brainstorming and round table discussions & negotiations with the School Board. This also helps in encouraging parent involvement within the school and work towards creating a sense of community within the school, home and neighborhoods, all achieving the single motive of the welfare of our students. The PAC also advises the School Board, Principal, and staff on any matter relating to the school, particularly school policies and practices that relate to students and their welfare.

How to become a member?

Any parent of our registered current student is automatically a voting member of the Parent Advisory Council. The voting members then elect the executive members which consists of the President, Vice- President, Secretary & Treasurer.

Who Can Become a Member of PAC?

WE ARE ALL PAC!! All parents and guardians of students are encouraged to participate. More hands make for lighter work! Give a little, give a lot! Either way it feels good to be involved! Whether you work full time, part-time, or are a stay at home parent it is possible to be involved in some capacity and your support makes ALL the difference. Your participation is strongly encouraged.

Get Involved!

As parents and guardians of these amazing kids, we all want the best for them and to see them thrive in their educational experiences. As an DPS parent you are automatically part of the PAC (Parent Advisory Committee), your voice and opinion can be shared during our monthly PAC Meetings where many things concerning the school and your students are discussed. We always have the Principal Mr. JD present to share any updates and activities here at school. 

The PAC is here to build community, help with communication, support the kids and the staff.  We (the PAC, school staff and administration) want you to be involved…after all, it takes a village!!  Please connect if there is a way that you feel you can support your school, or if you have questions. 

For more information please email [email protected]