Student Life

The Student Life at Dasmesh

At Dasmesh Punjabi School, apart from teaching our students the core and moral values of Sikhism and academic material, we also teach them how to have fun and experience one of the most amazing memories of their lifetime while studying at school. From Kindergarten right upto Grade 12, there are plenty of opportunities for students to participate and be a part of various events and extra-curricular activities that happen on and off campus, organized by our school.

On-Campus Activities

At Dasmesh Punjabi School, we also develop event organization and planning skills in our students, through which they themselves organize numerous on campus events throughout the academic year. This gives them a chance to simulate a real life situation where they might be required to plan and run an event for a cause. Each year, students come up with different ideas and have successfully organized events like Bake Sale, Burger Shack, Mother’s day event and various others, all for the purpose of raising money to support a cause.

Field Trips

Field Trips are in integral part of learning at Dasmesh Punjabi School, as we believe in “learning by doing.” Each year, we organize numerous field trips for all grades right from Kindergarten to Grade 12, where students get an opportunity to learn the practical side of the subject as well as develop a bonding with their peers. These field trip and excursion activities range from a mere trip to Costco for a business class to adrenaline boosting River Rafting at one of the most exotic locations in Beautiful British Columbia.


Each year, we proudly organize a graduation and convocation ceremony for our Grade 12 students, who receive their High School Diplomas. Each graduating student receives tickets for family members so that they can be a part of this proud moment in their life. The convocation is held at the Matsqui Auditorium in Abbotsford, typically in June. Make sure to check out this page for more information regarding convocation dates, important details and deadlines for upcoming graduates, as we near the graduation date.

Student Clubs

Staff & Faculty run various student clubs providing opportunities to students to share, practice and learn different types of interest, whether it be sports, music or an academic discipline.

Current Clubs:

  • Bhangra
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Track & Field
  • Math
  • Homework Club
  • Green Team Club
  • Tabla Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook Club