What Makes Us Unique

Punjabi Language & Culture

As it is commonly known that Language & Culture have a complex and homogenous relationship, this is prime reason leading to Punjabi Language & Culture being one of the core foundations of our school.

Here at Dasmesh Punjabi School, we work towards creating a learning environment that enables our students to learn and get immersed in the Punjabi Culture. Our students start learning Punjabi right from Kindergarten and become an expert to write the Grade 12 exam for Punjabi right in Grade 10, giving them a competitive edge over other students.

Sikh Studies & Music

Sikhism has a very deep rooted and rich history, and hence it is imperative that the coming generations understand the importance, meaning and significance of Sikhism. This is exactly what motivated our founder to start this school, whereby each and every student learns about the Sikh religion and various aspects of the Punjabi Culture.

Every morning, an assembly is held where the students do “Japji Sahib Paath” (The Sikh Daily Prayer and each student getting the opportunity to do Kirtan and Ardaas. We also observe and celebrate all Sikh festivals and events like Gupurab, Vaisakhi and others, where are students get the opportunity to learn about the significance and value that they hold.

School Uniform Policy

Our School follows a stipulated uniform policy, and requires all our students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to respect and proudly wear the school uniform everyday. This motivates our students to abide by our school’s value principles and take pride in being a student of Dasmesh Punjabi School. You can find more information about our School Uniform here.

Bus Service

We understand how hard it can become for parents to arrange for transportation for their children at times, and thus proudly offer a dedicated Bus service for our students. Parents can avail the bus service for a separate charge and our service currently covers Abbotsford & Mission.

A Safe Environment

A safe and secure learning environment is important to effective learning. This is why the focus of our school is not only providing exceptional academic services to our students, but also providing an environment that bolsters and promotes learning & developing good values to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. This is achieved by implementing a policy of no junk food and only vegetarian food.

Quality Education

Our School is committed to providing high quality education for our students by providing a safe learning environment and a lower teacher to student ratio, to ensure students get more support from teachers in learning new materials.