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What Makes Dasmesh Punjabi School Unique

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Since our humble beginning of starting the school with 11 children, 1 teacher and 1 classroom, the generosity of the Dasmesh community has been remarkable. Through giving and prayer of our families, faculty, alumni, and friends we have built a community with an unwavering culture of Seva. This commitment – of leaving the school even better for the next generation of students who will follow is a testament to the kind of Dasmesh community we strive to be.

As an independent school we receive very little government funding. We receive no funding for developing our land, building and renovating our facilities, equipping and furnishing our classrooms, has and will continue to require the financial support of our families and friends.

At Dasmesh Punjani School we are committed to “Creating a safe and healthy environment for quality education and heritage preservation.”

We value the immense support we have received from our Sangat. The commitment of Vand Chhakna (sharing with other) has always been a pillar of our faith, established by our founder Guru Nanak Dev Ji. In keeping with our Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Philosophy , we ask you support our “$20 Rupee Initiative”.

The $20 Rupee Initiative

Guru Nanak Dev Jee who was the founder of the Sikh faith. One day Guru Nanak Dev Jee was given 20 rupees by His father and asked to go out for the day and return with a profit. His father had grown weary of His son’s disinterest in worldly affairs and hoped the challenge would spark an interest in business.

Guru Jee wandered through the local area and came upon a group of saints. The saints preached from city to city and lived hand to mouth. They had torn clothes and no food. Guru Nanak Dev Jee believed no action could be more profitable than serving those in need. He bought food and clothes with His father’s money and personally served the saints.

Upon returning home Guru Nanak Dev’s Jee’s father was not pleased with His actions but Guru Nanak Dev Jee explained that sharing our earnings with others is the most fruitful and profitable action because it serves the light of the one God that resides in each Human Being.