Uniform Policy

In the early years of the school, the Board of Dasmesh Punjabi School established a School Uniform Policy. The policy was developed to eliminate the “competition” between and among students for expensive (and sometimes, inappropriate) designer label clothes.

The actual policy, itself, can be viewed on the School Website. Highlights of the policy are presented below. Students are required to wear the school uniform on all regular school days, except Wednesdays.

  • Navy Blue School Jacket with School Logo
  • Charcoal grey Pants/Skirts
  • Shorts for boys / girls & Skorts with black tights for girls K-5 ONLY
  • White dress or polo shirts/blouses with school logo
  • Maroon sweater with the school crest
  • Black non-marking shoes with white socks
  • Blue head wear(rumal/patka/turban) for Sikh Studies assemblies and events
  • Gym strip is required for Grades 4-10(grey t-shirt, blue shorts/ jogging pants).
  • Standard School Uniform for Religious Functions (K-12)
  • Traditional Outfits only for Vaisakhi, Diwali & Talent Shows


  • NO hats, hoodies, pyjamas, bare midriffs, bare shoulders or spaghetti straps, low rise jeans or short skirts above knee length.
  • No beads, chains, studded collars or studded wristband.

All uniform items (except shoes and socks) are to be purchased from https://neatuniforms.ca

Phone: 604-205-7560