Uniform Policy

At an independent school such as ours, the uniform is intended to develop school pride and provide equality and inclusion. All students are required to wear the school uniform on all regular school days, educational field trips except Wednesdays or event dependent. All uniforms must be purchased from our designated provider, with the exception of Shoes and Socks.

Uniform items are to be purchased from Neat Uniforms

Phone: +1.604.205.7560


School Dress Code Guidelines

  • Students must be in complete uniform from start to finish of school except special announcement
  • Only plain white t-shirt may be worn under a school shirt.
  • No hats, hoddies, toques or caps permitted in the classrooms/buildings/portables or on uniform days.
  • No rings.
  • No beads, chains, studded collars, or studded wristband
  • No bare midriffs, bare shoulders or spaghetti straps
  • No low rise jeans unless worn with tops covering at least up to belt area
  • No pyjamas or slippers
  • No short skirts above the knee
  • Shorts should cover to mid-thigh when seated
  • No clothing with inappropriate logos, sayings, pictures or graphics of any kind
  • No tank tops (unless under a shirt), halter tops, crop/midriff tops( unless worn with proper tank top underneath), cut-off shorts and torn jeans
  • No Yoga pants, PJ’S and tights

Gym Attire

Grades 4-10
  • Grey gym t-shirts and sweat tops and navy blue sweat pants.
  • Physical Education is mandatory for all students for at least 30 minutes every day according to Ministry of Education guidelines. Therefore, it is advisable for parents to ensure that students have clean gym wear for every lesson.

School Uniform Guidelines

Note: Elementary Department students have the option of wearing shorts (boys) or skorts with black tights (girls) Grades (K-5) only
  • Charcoal grey dress Pants /Skirts
  • White dress or polo shirts/blouses with the school logo.
  • Maroon sweater with the school crest.
  • Black non-marking shoes with White or Black socks
  • Blue head wear ( rumal/patka/turban) for Sikh Studies Assemblies and events
  • Navy Blue School Jacket with school logo

Care Instructions: Do not wash clothing in bleach as the school logo will fade.

Attire for Religious Functions

  • Standard School Uniform for all grades
  • Attire for cultural celebrations e.g Vaisakhi , Talent Show
  • Traditional outfits